The Debate Between Pro Choice And Pro Life

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Abortion The debate between pro-choice and pro-life has gone on for numerous years. Using medical technology medical staff and mothers are able to see what happens to the unborn child during the abortion process. A mother can see the image of her unborn child; abortion should be illegal because the unborn child feels pain, there can be medical complications to the mother and alternatives do exist. Women are now able to see inside of the mother’s womb and see the unborn child’s heartbeat and sex of the child. This is done by ultra sound (US) technology and can be seen in 2-D, 3-D and 4-D it is even possible to see the child in color. The mother can see the living child inside her. The ultra sound serves as a window to the womb (Boucher 2004). Pro-life supporters have showmen the US picture and movies of the unborn child to women who are planning to abort their pregnancy and stated that 90% of women have changed their minds. First trimester abortions account for 88.4% of the USA and 73% in Canada. However, the US that is being shown is in the second trimester (Wiebe, & Adams 2009) to be able to see the growth of the unborn child. Many states now require that a woman who is going to have an abortion view an US prior to the abortion. In a survey that was conducted many women felt that viewing the US was a positive experience even though some still chose to go through with an abortion. Patients have stated that seeing the US was helpful, but the US images needed
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