The Debate Legalization Of Marijuana Legalization

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The Great Debate 2016: Marijuana Legalization
Francie DeSalvio
Middlesex Community College

On November 8th 2016 this country will elect its 45th President. There will also be a record number of marijuana initiatives on November ballots across the country. Medical Marijuana questions will be offered to voters in four states; Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota. Five States will be voting on whether or not to allow legal recreational marijuana laws. Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. Twenty-four states currently have medical marijuana laws. This current list dates back to 1996, with the first state being California. Four states have passed recreational marijuana laws. Washington and Colorado in 2012, followed by Alaska and Oregon in 2015. Only nine states throughout the United States have prohibited use of any kind, recreational or medical. Looking at these numbers, one would assume that the trend to passage is on the positive. If this is true, why the deep divide in poll numbers in regard to this question? Following the state wide passage of recreational use in Colorado in 2012, one county in Colorado, Pueblo county has now gathered enough signatures to allow the following question: whether to terminate recreational marijuana sales and operations. Could this be a trend to watch in the future, reversal…
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