The Debate Of Emotional Sex

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Emotional Sex Ed As the United States becomes increasingly progressive, the age in which adolescents perform sexual activity is becoming younger. Education in the United States encourages abstinence to students in middle school and high school, but the resistance against adolescent sexual intercourse is futile because adolescents are historically rebellious at nature. Abstinence courses do not trigger any emotional response in adolescents nor do they personalize the situation for students, making them essentially futile. Students are not going to care about the dangers of sexual intercourse unless it directly affects them as an individual. In order for the resistance against adolescent sexual intercourse to be effective, abstinence…show more content…
Furthermore, abstinence courses in the United States tend to target individuals in fifth and sixth grade and then in high school. The age at which students learn about sex is not the issue, it is the method that teachers use to convey the information. Since sexual education uses poor teaching methods in the United States, it dominates in the number of pregnancies. In fact, abstinence-only programs show a positive correlation with pregnancy (Stanger-Hall et. al 2011) For instance, per every one thousand females ranging from the ages of fifteen to nineteen there are seventy-two pregnancies and forty-one births in the United States (Stanger-Hall et. al 2011). In comparison, the United Kingdom had forty-one pregnancies per one thousand females ranging from ages fifteen to eighteen which was the second highest number compared to other developed countries (Stanger-Hall et. al 2011). These results show that the United States abstinence-only programs are ineffective, especially compared to those of other developed countries, which have half the amount of pregnancies per one thousand females compared to the United States. This is because the United Kingdom uses a program called SHARE, in which teachers are specially trained for five days prior to giving sexual education classes to their students (Wight 2011). These teachers teach all aspects of intercourse such as:
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