The Debate Of God Vs. Science

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In 1928 penicillin was discovered accidentally by Alexander Fleming, in 1969 the first man walked on the moon to see if other forms of life existed. Yet, one’s faith in God still existed. Science and God is a question that still holds mystery to some. The myth of Adam and Eve is the creation of a human-being and when one dies, it is said one will go to Heaven or Hell in Christianty. These myths are imaginary, where science is fact. With science one can actually witness the transformations of the right or wrong doings of many events which we face daily. This leaves me to question how others view the debate of God vs. Science.
On October 14, 2015 I had the pleasure to interview Pastor Nathaniel Drayton, from Unity Christian Church, which is a non-denominational group in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Because of the special natures of religions history in America, denominationalism is a key to understanding it (Ellwood, Robert S., and Barbara A. McGraw. 318 print). For example, Non-Denominational means not designating or not categorizing (Non-Denominational Denominations and Other Contradictions. Web. 20 Oct. 2015). This interview was to receive a bit of knowledge of the hardest, to the most fulfilling duties as a Pastor and to get a little input of how Pastor Drayton views his Faith vs. Science.
Q: What are the major duties and responsibilities?
A: As a pastor, I was called to god to be the shepherd of his people. I’m the overseer of the earthly body at my particular church.…
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