The Debate Of Marriage And Pure Relationships

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Throughout the centuries, America has shifted to the influx of culture. To accommodate to the change, terms, values, and beliefs have had to be modified. One of the many value modifications time has undergone, is the importance of marriage. One sociologist at John Hopkins University, Andrew J. Cherlin, says, “that since the 1900s the socially accepted meaning of marriage and pure relationships has sequentially been altered to what it is today.” Marriage has shifted from a pure, companionate relationship into more of an individualized, optional one. In order to understand the extent and reason for the transition, it is important to understand marriage as it was, as it is now, and then how that has affected the concept of sexuality. Genesis 2:18 states, “it is not good that man should be alone: I will make him a helper comparable to him.” This verse tends to be used in every marriage-based debate, to the point that it becomes very cliché, however, if one were to study it its truth would be evident. Kay Daigle, Founder of Beyond Ordinary Woman Ministries wrote in an excerpt called God’s Design for Sexual Intimacy, “Marriage is God’s design and institution.” God created it for relationship, close companionship and mutual support. Marriage, as a sacred vow, was designed for the coming together of one man and one woman. Human beings were not created for isolation or loneliness. This is evident in every day life, with how people are always looking for ways to be accepted. All
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