The Debate Of Personal Privacy On Internet

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With the rapid development of information technology, people have been entering the information age, and almost people have one computer. But recent years, more and more people find their privacy information which was stored in their computer is easily to be lost or snooped, it makes them feel very insecure. We all know that each computer has its own unique physical information, such as IP address which is the useful basic information of computer, subnet mask and also can track a computer by detecting the DNS (Domain Name System). These physical information are very useful, it can help police to solve case, and also has many negative influence to people life. The debate of personal privacy on internet is very drastic, particularly recent…show more content…
The first of them is the case of craigslist killer who name’s Philip Markoff. He was charged as teief and murder because of the tragedy was happened in 2009. During April 10 to April 16 in 2009, there were three cases of robbing and one of them was murder. (ABC news May 4,2009) The common points of these three cases were that all of these three victims were advertised on Craigslist for pornographic services. Firstly, police used video surveillance to find the image of the criminal, and then traced the disposable phone which was used to call the victims, finally, police used the e-mail address to traced the IP address of Philip Markoff. Ultimately find his location and gather useful evidences at his home. There is another big case which was called as 2008 Ahmedabad blasts. That was a big disaster to Ahmedabad, India and Gujarat, and the number of bomb blasts was 21. The origin of the disaster was the e-mail warning from a terror outfit which called Indian Mujahideen. Immediately, police traced mails and try to arrest criminals quickly. However, that was hard because the terrorists used the unsecured WIFI router to sent mails, that was hard to find out the MAC address of the criminals. Finally, police still traced out the original IP address and raided the Haywood’s residence before the Ahmedabad serial blasts. (Times of India, August 2008 ) Besides of IP address, there are too many ways that help police to solve the case. The most sensational
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