The Debate Of Science And Medicine

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Throughout the course of human history people have been fascinated by the world around them. Ancient philosophers focused on the questions of human existence while early scientists searched for explanations beyond those that religion provided. Science became an outlet to provide answers to the unknown while creating further questions for future experimenters to seek information about. Simply observing and explaining nature failed to bring seekers of knowledge satisfaction. It was not enough to have knowledge, people desired to apply that knowledge, using it to create an advantage over nature. The eagerness to control nature sparked one of humankind’s largest debates. Pre and post enlightenment thinkers alike questioned the role of science and whether or not it should continue on the path of being master to nature. In the modern world, science still faces the same debate especially within the realm of medicine. Modern medicine has greatly increased life expectancy by decreasing the number of communicable disease outbreaks, but still doctors and scientist want to go further. Science and medicine have come to a point where it is possible to make changes to the human genome and use stem cells to create other cell types. While these advances have great potential they are being experimented with in ways that seem unnatural and wobble between what is ethical or unethical. With expansions in genetic research and our growing understanding of the human genome and genes in general,
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