The Debate Of The Tech Debate

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MP 1.1 Rough Draft The tech debate seems to never have a victor because there seems to be unending points of view and evidence to support both sides. However, what seems to be true of those who support technology and its benefits is they each have something different to say about its positivity. Through Morozov we see the critiques of Carr and how the best way to view technology criticism is to do it in the perspective of the evolution of tech, which gives us a broader understanding. Through Crystal we see the benefits of technology and how it is far from causing a downfall of the english language. Lastly, Genevieve Bell, an anthropologist and current Vice President at Intel discusses how technology is a way to spread stories and give us a background into other people’s lives. Although technology has considerably changed multiple aspects of our society, it is not a detrimental piece of humanity, but rather something that has changed the way humans interact and still further our understanding of each other. By showing the multiple positions of Morozov, Crystal and a new source by Bell we can see that tech’s impact should be viewed through the multiple lenses, one of historical context, one of varying social/human context and one of its sharing of ideas, all of which show the benefits of tech. One of the lenses that gives us the most perspective about the technology debate is a historical one. When looking at the tech debate in a historical context, it seems to be true that
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