The Debate On A Solar Society

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Policy Paper: The Debate on a Solar Society
Now days it seems like we cannot be certain of what is good and what is bad. Especially when it comes to what is good and bad for a large group. Even with topics where it seems like the answer is a no brainer, there is always some uncertainty about how much we actually know. Do we have all of the facts, or do we just have the facts that the people controlling the situation want us to have? You can apply this mindset to practically any situation. It seems like when it comes to solar energy we have always been exposed to the idea that solar energy is good, we need to have more solar energy. However, not everybody believes this to be the case. There are some who believe that solar energy is not our future, nor is it even worth pursuing. When it comes to disagreeing about what is best for the group, nobody does it like the United States. As most of the world has more or less made the decision on how much time, money, and effort they want to put into pursuing solar power, the United States is far from settled. To really have a clear opinion on what the best approach will be, the topic needs to be looked at from both sides. Most of what America uses for energy derives from fossil fuels, the fact is that although fossil fuels appear naturally, they take hundreds of years to replenish. We are depleting our fossil fuel supply both as a country and as a planet, and need to decide what our next course of action is. Right now our
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