The Debate On Capital Punishment

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Executing those who have committed wrongdoings has been a practice that has existed since the beginning of humankind. A universal process exercised by nearly all societies in history at least at one point of time or another. Capital punishment could have been considered a tradition of sorts, considering how often it was and still is made to be an intriguing, perhaps morbidly entertaining, spectacle. When the reality behind the contentious punishment is revealed, so is the true ugliness of this custom. Throughout the world in modern times, including the United States in particular, the controversial debate on whether to retain or abolish the death penalty is extremely heated on both sides of the argument. The death penalty is an outdated…show more content…
A comparison group of 313 aggravated murder cases, in which did not involve death sentencing, cost an average of $1.4 million. The staggering cost of maintaining the death sentence makes the death penalty far more expensive than a life sentence without possibility of parole. Those in support of keeping capital punishment knowing it’s steep price often argue that it is only so expensive because of the long drawn out process of appeal. “Just take them out and put a $1 bullet right through their heads!” is not a stranger phrase to those with such mindset. Although it may be true that if there was a strictly placed limit on appeals processes and executions were done quickly the death penalty would be much cheaper, this would increase the chances of an innocent being put to death. Human life is the most precious thing on earth. Once it is taken away it can not be returned. A good chunk of the higher price tag of sentencing someone to death is due to the multiple appellate court sessions held in order for those convicted to change the harsh outcomes of their sentences or even prove their actual innocence. These are and always will be necessary so long as capital punishment is in place because it can save an innocent life. However, what about the ones that slip through the cracks? Since the 19170s over 150 people have been exonerated from receiving their death sentences due to new data being

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