The Debate On Nuclear Warfare

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Nuclear Arms
By: Debansh Sahoo

In recent weeks/reports, North Koreas leader has threatened to wage war against the Americans. He made the statement “We will tear Americans to pieces, I don’t care what it takes even we will use nuclear weapon’s”. This brings alarm to the United States Nuclear policy and how they tolerate nuclear weapons from other countries. Should the United States tell all the countries who currently or are researching nuclear weapons dispose all their research. The debate continues as Prime Minister of Israel came in to talk to the congress about Obamas nuclear policy again. Should we keep our nuclear weapons or dispose all of them by making all the other countries who have these weapon’s to dispose theirs too. The debate on nuclear warfare continues.

When the Atomic/Hydrogen Bomb was constructed it was created with a purpose to end a brutal war and save innocent lives. Ever since that time, the fear and power of nuclear weapons has raised many concerns throughout the world due to of the threat it imposes on world destruction/and the power it gives to the nations who have wield this type of weapon. The investigation I have done will discuss what nuclear weapons are, what the intended use is today, the effect it has had on the world, the problems it has caused, and what is being to prevent a nuclear war. Nuclear weapons are the backbone of the United States security and it is also the liberator of the United States. It was used to insure the United…
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