The Debate On Nuclear Warfare

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Nuclear Arms By: Debansh Sahoo In recent weeks/reports, North Koreas leader has threatened to wage war against the Americans. He made the statement “We will tear Americans to pieces, I don’t care what it takes even we will use nuclear weapon’s”. This brings alarm to the United States Nuclear policy and how they tolerate nuclear weapons from other countries. Should the United States tell all the countries who currently or are researching nuclear weapons dispose all their research. The debate continues as Prime Minister of Israel came in to talk to the congress about Obamas nuclear policy again. Should we keep our nuclear weapons or dispose all of them by making all the other countries who have these weapon’s to dispose theirs too. The…show more content…
It is basically (nuclear weapon’s) that gave the United States the World Power that it is today. Many people still ask the question why do we still need these nukes or killers as they are often referred to as? They think that we (Americans) already have enough nuclear resources and what is the point of continuing to produce/develop them if there is no use to them and it practically wastes money for the countries that use/produce them. That money could be used to develop many other things in the country. But the American population is spilt minded, there is one side of the American people who think nuclear weapons are killers but then there is another side that who look at them as life saviors. I think everyone agrees that you could not put a value of human life. But nuclear weapons don’t value life. There has always been a purpose for nuclear resources, which is destruction. Everybody hears the statistics about the United States having enough nuclear weapons to blow the world up three times. This may be true, however as technology reaches new heights so do weapons and you can bet other countries are not settling for the weapons they already posses. They are always searching for more powerful weapons at any costs. If we were to stop the production of nuclear weapons we would be alone in that effort. When we have people like Kim Jong UN in the world, which we always will, we need the protection that only nuclear weapons can
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