The Debate On Owning A Gun Control

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Today, the debate on owning a gun has many sides: there are many positives and negatives that come into play when talking about gun control. Gun control is a very controversial issue, however, with the right prevention steps one could relax knowing that the situation is finally being addressed. Most citizens have the right to have a gun other than felons. Felons have no rights to a gun and can not own or have one in their possession. Many people have their own feeling on guns on if they should have to be registered or not. Gun control comes across bad to citizens considering the fact that, the government has full rang over the decision on it. When talking about gun control there are many step to take, in many people 's eyes, from if gun control should be enforced, taking classes to handle a gun, and last the death of guns. There are many benefits to each step from, being well educated to having less accidents.
First thing first is whether or not gun control should be enforced. Owning a gun is a Constitutional right. The Second Amendment in the Constitution was adopted December 15, 1791, as part of the first in the Bill of Rights. When talking about the Second Amendment it belongs to individual citizens. The Second Amendment states that everyone has the right to bare arms. To bare arms is the right to own a gun. Owning a gun is older than the country itself (“Gun Control). The Second Amendment allows citizens the right to posses a firearm even if it 's not connected with the…

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