The Debate On The Minimum Legal Drinking Age

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The Debate on the Minimum Legal Drinking Age There has been a debate going on about the minimum legal drinking age, or “MLDA”. Some people believe it has no impact on our youth, and should thus be lowered to the standard age of adulthood, age 18. They refuse to acknowledge the true significance of this law, however, and continue to see it as a futile attempt to control the inevitable. Yet in reality, having an MLDA of 21 has many benefits, and stands for a healthier view of alcohol consumption, regardless of the way people perceive it. It is for this reason, that the minimum legal drinking age should not be lowered to age 18. Opponents of this ideal, claim various arguments in support of their opinion. For example, state Rep. Richard Marron states that, “It just doesn 't sit right with me that people [at the age of 18] have the right to do everything else, including serve their country, but don 't have the right to consume alcohol” (Chiappetta, Should Drinking…). Those who agree with this, argue that legal adults (individuals who are 18 and older) should have the right to determine their own choice regarding alcoholic consumption, versus having the government force a decision on them. What these individuals must realize is that having the MLDA set at age 18 is not a constitutional right. According to, “A US district court ruled on Dec. 22, 1978 that MLDA 21 is ‘reasonably related to a state objective of reducing highway crashes’”. This court also stated that,

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