The Debate Over Cell Phones

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The Issue Behind the Text There are many arguments surrounding cell phones, its advantages, and disadvantages. The conversation occurring around this topic is texting. Texting is a form of communication by sending messages between cell phones. Texting has advantages including proof-reading words, reaching someone quicker, and record keeping. Texting has disadvantages as well including deficient writing skills, addiction, and distraction from personal relationships. A source I found that summarizes the debate on texting is that “Technologies live in complex ecologies.” (Turkle 375). Meaning that new technology would not exist without humans. Two authors who have different views of this topic are Michaela Cullington and Sherry Turkle. Texting always had good advantage of proof-reading words before sending a text. Texting has been believed to decrease writing skills of teenagers. A article in USA Today states that “According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 25% of high school seniors are 'proficient ' writers.” (Cullington 362) Looking at that number, it is shocking to find that such a incredibly small amount of students possess proficient writing skills. Jacquie Ream states that “[W]e have a whole generation being raised without communication skills.” (Cullington 362). Meaning that our youth is not using the written language that should be used in a formal setting. Michaela Cullington points out that “She blames the use of acronyms and shorthand in
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