Essay on The Debate Over Downloading Music for Free

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The Debate Over Downloading Music for Free

Downloading music for free is a major issue in the world today. Some people love it and some people hate it. Musicians feel they need to be paid for people listening to their music and the average downloader feels there is no harm in downloading a few songs. Are there positives aspects of downloading music for free for musicians? Are there negative aspects of downloading music for the average person? Downloading music at a first glance doesn’t seem so bad. People have the chance to hear a musician or band for the first time or people can find a song they heard, but haven’t been able to find the CD. Downloading music gives people an opportunity to hear new songs and discover new bands or
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Although, CD singles were up from 19.6 million dollars in 2002 to 35.9 million dollars in 2003. Whether or not CD sales were a direct effect from downloading music or not, we don’t know. The cause for sales decrease could have been that the music produced was not as accepted by people. Musicians may have been pumping out one hit song and the rest of their songs were not as good. That could be the explanation for a rise in single sales, but decrease in whole CD sales. Fans may have downloaded the hit single for free, but then realized they wanted to have a copy for their car or a copy they could carry with them, so they went out and bought the single. In that case downloading for free would have been a direct affect on the single CD sales. Is downloading music for free a definite benefit for the average downloader? Most people would say the answer is obviously yes. Something to think about though is the average downloader just downloads the hit songs. They hear a song on the radio or see a video on television and if they like it they go download it so they can listen to it whenever they want. However, they rarely sample the other songs from the same artist. So, that person only hears what the media tells them to listen to. They don’t search out for themselves other styles of music or other artists. They are stuck in the trend of pop culture. There could be all kinds of music and musicians that the person could like,
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