The Debate Over Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Legalization of Euthanasia in the United States The debate over Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide is becoming progressively complicated as doctors develop a better understanding of its purpose and usefulness. Euthanasia, a Greek term meaning “good death” and it can portray as a killing of a patient who chooses to take this course of action by applying, administrating, and enduring a procedure to terminate their life (Euthanasia Debate). Prescribed when a patient is in intense pain or suffering and is ready to bring their life to the end in a safe and logical way with the support of a doctor, euthanasia can help patients do this. Being a simple procedure with a choice of drug administration or a lethal injection, euthanasia is a fast process. The injection is much more rapid than the drugs, but both work in the analogous way. The significance of euthanasia is to be able to have that alternative choice when a patient cannot take anymore and there will be no positive outcome in living. To have euthanasia legal in the United States, would not only benefit numerous of people, but also assist people who want to die with their dignity, wishes, and rights. Every right in life comes with a choice; a choice to have control over your body and to know when they cannot take the suffering and pain anymore is what euthanasia can do for patients who need it the uttermost. Conversely, there are more ways for the principles of euthanasia than against it. This includes, the right
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