The Debate Over Global Warming

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Everyone has their own thoughts about global warming, it’s not real or it’s too late for humans to fix the issue, the list goes on. The global warming debate would not be so heated if it didn 't involve politics and it just reverted back to simple science. With many people looking to blame someone or something it’s hard for politics and science not to collide. Below i will focus on how politics are lacking in effort to stop global warming between the huge oil companies having more influence over the government, to no laws being enforced. Everyday we can read or hear about “climate change” and how it’s affected our world and us. New solutions are made up everyday but all have a common factor, they cost big bucks or in the end will cost someone their money. The immense cost and dramatic changes to our everyday lives like transportation and energy is something you can’t change overnight and needs to be passed by the government before making any serious changes. This is where you’ll see politics get involved. You then you have the other half of people who think it’s just mother nature, because the earth has been known to have climate changes naturally over thousands of years, this is where science comes in. Some of these people disagree on making any new changes to human life as we know it. Climate change is not only a touchy subject for most but it is very touchy in what influences these unnatural or possibly natural changes. As we drive our vehicles to work, joy rides to the

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