The Debate Over Gun Control

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One major cause of heated debate in the United States is the contrasting stands on gun control. This one subject has a nation divided on a very serious topic that saves and takes lives. On the one hand, those for gun control argue a case against increasing gun violence in everyday life. Those that are against gun control argue that it is in an individual’s right to own and possess guns. It is a matter of liberty and a right to bear arms and a necessity of self-protection. The problem with both sides of the debate is that neither party is wrong. On those for gun control, the constant occurrence of gun violence on a devastating scale has resulted in taking action toward gun control. These are some examples of these occurrences, but are not limited to the following. The increasing violence with guns has made an appearance amongst children in schools. Easy access of guns by children has been blamed for the mass murders that have occurred at American schools. These unfortunate and devastating events have altered the school environment drastically. Metal detectors and gun attack training are now part of a normal school year. Acts of revenge in the work place have also caused mass casualties with the use of guns. Angry employees in an act of vengeance against their employers have used guns violently in the work place. A person undergoing rage whether temporary or long term can become extremely dangerous if guns are available, sometimes resulting in this type of large scale

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