The Debate Over Gun Control

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The debate over gun control in America continues to trouble politicians to this day. According to the constitution, the second amendment gives us the right to bear arms (U.S. Const.). Many different interpretations of what precisely the amendment means exist in this country. However, the two main sides include pro gun control and against gun control. In this paper, we will weigh the pros and cons of both sides and with any luck approach a conclusion on what side performs a superior job. People interpret gun control as the problem, but realistically gun control laws do not cause the issues, however the people that enforce said laws do. Scrutiny over gun control reached an all time high recently and addressing the scrutiny helps find the solution. The individuals that agree with gun control often base their argument on the statistics of gun related deaths in the country, often times they do not state whether or not these include intentional or accidental deaths. They also do not take into account whether or not that the deaths happen solely because of the guns. Guns cannot kill people, the people with guns kill people, but if they really wanted to kill someone not having a gun does not effect whether or not it happens (NRA). Inanimate objects do not ever kill anyone and guns classify as inanimate objects. According to statistics, out of 4.3 million non- lethal violent crimes a year only 8 % involved guns (U.S. Congress 4). Often activists for gun control call for stricter

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