The Debate Over Gun Control

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Why the government should not be involved in gun control. The second amendment to the United state 's constitution says "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Is this not enough can the bill of rights say this anymore clear. Many might state that the way this statement is worded is the point of debate and it should be interpreted differently. This is the root of all the hot debate over gun control. Does the constitution guarantee the right to own a gun, if so what does this look like in our modern society? Current regulations make it difficult to even purchase a firearm this alone could be considered a infringement of our…show more content…
UCLA’s own campus policy also, “Prohibits the transportation and possession of firearms and other dangerous weapons on the grounds of UCLA campus, off-campus buildings owned or operated by the University, areas adjacent to University Property or to activities of or programs conducted by the University, whether on or off University Property.” In October last year, California Gov. Jerry Brown also signed into law SB707, which banned students from carrying concealed weapons on school grounds and college campuses. Of course, criminals don’t tend to obey laws, so the only impact of such measures is to disarm potential victims. This particular shooting took place in the state of California which is one of the more regulated states on Gun control is the prime example of the failed government gun control through the hand of the government. There is a split in opinions when it comes to the size of government and how much power they should have in the citizens life and there personal freedoms. Would smaller government mean lower regulations on freedoms in the United States? Bigger government does not mean more protection; however small government is limited in it 's ability to protect it 's citizens. We may never know the complete and total meaning of the way the bills of rights are worded but we can say that government

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