The Debate Over Legalization Of Euthanasia

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Controversies on legalization of euthanasia in Europe and America are continuing. The argument for legalizing euthanasia36 is that the individual 's freedom entails liberty or choice in all matters as long as the rights of any other person are not infringed upon. The argument against legalizing euthanasia is that it will lead to disrespect for human life. Euthanasia can then be abused for criminal purposes. A financial motive is sometimes advanced in favor of euthanasia. It costs money to the family or the government to keep terminally ill people on life support which will be wastage of resources if they eventually die.

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For the purpose of analyzing euthanasia, 5 principles are

recognized by most of the theorists. These principles are:

(a) The principle of motive, i.e., each action is judged by the intention behind it.

(b) The principle of certainty, i.e., a certainty cannot be voided, changed or modified by uncertainty.

(c) The principle of injury, i.e., an individual should not harm others or be harmed by others.

(d) The principle of hardship, i.e., hardship mitigates easing of the rules and obligations.

(e) The principle of custom, i.e., what is customary is a legal ruling.


(a) The Principle of Motive or Intention –

The principle of motive is invoked in three situations:

(a) There is no…
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