The Debate Over Marijuana And Legalizing It

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It is the end of the semester and it is time to prove that I have become a better writer because of English 102. I grew as a writer in English 101 and I was curious if I would continue to grow as a writer in English 102. In my opinion I have become a better writer through English 102. The reason I believe I grew though English 102 is because; I am able to write critical analyses, gather information and use it rhetorically, and accurately proofreading my own work. One major way I have developed as a writer is being able to write about controversial topics. In English 101 I never wrote about a controversial topic. Because of that I didn’t know how to write a controversial piece. Every essay I have done in English 102 was about marijuana and legalizing it. This is a very controversial topic and through English 102 I was able to learn how to effectively write about it. I effectively wrote with my use of ethos. If I am credible during my writing then more people will follow my belief. Another way I was successful at being credible in controversial topics was by using sources from the library. You can find a lot of sources on the internet but not all of them will be correct. Using the library for sources enabled me to be sure I have credible sources. My use of rhetoric has grown a lot through English 102. In my essays I have been able to effectively use logos, pathos, and ethos. In my controversial topics it is important I use rhetoric so I can appeal to my audience’s emotions,…
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