The Debate Over Mixed Controversies

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Education is one of the issues that have been faced with mixed controversies, more significantly in the emerging cultural competencies of the 21ST century. The education system has been criticized by emerging scholars as having lacked the essential aspect that was the primary concern of the education in the medieval era. There are scholars who maintain that the current formal education is relevant in addressing the needs and the skills demand in the society. The class of the scholars argues from the point that education should be and is the tool to attain an end. The industrial setting of the current society demands special skills that the human labor must provide for the economic survival of the today world. The skills have been…show more content…
When Nick says that the school wasted his time that he had no time left at all, he is implying that the school dwelt on teaching them on the future. The learning disregarded the time they were spending learning about the future was their lives time and they ought to have been living every moment of the school life and into the future, not laying dormant preparing for the future while live outside the school was not static waiting for them (Nikhil, 2012)
At Nick`s school, the cultural competencies that were valued were based on the set formal principles that were inapplicable in the real world. Nick explains how the school to the prisons where the personal daily activities are decided and handed down to the prisoner who has to obey without question. Such was his school where the teachers taught what was decided in the curriculum and the students had to comply even when the things taught had been passed by the events and time. The designed curriculum did not allow the kids to think independently or to further the ideas presented in the learning. The creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship spirit was literally killed in the form of the education.
Nick had the passion in the computer and wanted to pursue his passion and make a career out of it. Nick also wanted to learn practical things that were happening in the society in his tome not ancient Archimedes principals that had been advanced and replaced with better ones. The learning cultural competencies
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