The Debate Over Space Exploration

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Due to space exploration, we have been able to answer questions that were never thought possible of discovering. For centuries, many unanswered question overwhelmed our imagination. Is Earth flat? Are there other planets other than earth? What are the sparking beaming lights in the sky? From early history, humans did not have the technology, knowledge, or discoveries to help them answer questions. Space exploration has provided us with knowledge beyond earth and has given us a sign of hope that if earth were to be destroyed, we could save our extinction by traveling to another planet. Although space exploration has given the human race a plethora of reasons to continue studying the universe, the topic has become a debate between the Democratic and Republican Party for years. A strong argument that the Democrats and Republicans try to reason out is providing funding for the exploration of space. The Democrats are against funding billions of dollars to studying the universe; while Republicans believe the cost is worth the money. Furthmore, Democrats do not want to fund it because over the years, many accidents have happened that have lost lives, while Republicans on the other hand are for the risk it may take to find new discoveries. The funding of space has created a more advanced civilization. Space exploration has provided the human race with many new advanced discoveries, helping us understand our own universe; the government should fund space exploration. According…

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