The Debate Over Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research is the future of scientific research, but it needs to be clarified more with the masses. Many think that Stem Cell Research is unethical and immoral. People also believe that Stem Cell Research is only done on embryos. Stem Cell Research could bring forth a world with fewer worries of disease and disablement.
Moral and Ethical Opinions
There are many thoughts that Stem Cell Research on embryos meant for treating infertility should not be funded by the United States government because it is unethical and immoral. People have created the thought that embryos are babies when they aren’t just yet. (JCI) “Some people [] believe that an embryo is a person with the same moral status as an adult or a live-born child.” People have assumed that embryos are babies, thus giving forth to the idea of taking cells for research from said embryos is immoral, when in reality an embryo is nothing but a ball of cells that are constantly manipulating each other and multiplying. The embryos can’t possibly be babies just yet because there is no brain, no beating heart, and no functioning organs; there is no self-sustaining life functions until the fetal heartbeat begins at 5 weeks of gestation. (JCI) “Although some may view the derivation and use of [Embryonic Stem] cells as ethically distinct activities, we do not believe that these differences are significant from the point of view of eligibility for federal funding.” Stem Cell Research should not be rejected for federal
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