The Debate Over Stem Cells

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Have you ever wondered what stem cells are and why they are important? Have you heard that stem cells are controversial but do not know why? Scientists have been studying stem cells and their ability to regenerate tissues in the body for years. Having the body regenerate itself is not as crazy as it once sounded. Stem cells are very small, immature cells in the human body that are capable of becoming many types of cells. Researchers have been able to find different applications in treating the human body using these powerful cells as well as the ability to test new drugs on them. This is a huge advancement in medicine, but with it comes debate and controversy over the ethical aspect of obtaining these cells. Questions like, “is this life we are killing?” and “should we be messing with God’s work?” come up in the debate over the research of stem cells. We first need to understand that not all stem cells are the same and reevaluate our position once we are truly educated on the benefits of stem cells. Researchers must have the ability to continue studying stem cells in order to save human lives. Ethical issues aside, this may be the greatest advancement in medicine to date.
Stem cells are cells that have the ability to divide and self replicate for indefinite periods of time (National Institutes of Health). Stem cells are able to differentiate into
Faul 2 many types of cells in the body. These cells are how our body heals itself. What few people truly understand…
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