The Debate Over Stricter Gun Control Laws

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The debate over stricter gun laws has been ongoing in the United States for quite some time now. Individuals who oppose stricter gun control laws argue that the second amendment to the constitution of the United States constitute part of the bill of rights that protect the right of American citizens to bear arms, and any attempt to set up laws for gun control will be a direct violation of this (Hofstadter 10). They argue that the primary purpose of the amendment was to ensure that American Citizens had the capability to protect themselves against criminal activities and defend the country against external aggression. From a personal perspective, the recent surge in instances of gun violence in the United States of America indicates that stricter gun control laws are necessary for the safety of the American citizenry. Thus, this paper is going to focus on highlighting the benefits of more stringent gun control laws and why members of the public should support it. To better comprehend its advantages an individual should understand that the concept of stricter gun control refers to policies and laws that are designed to help regulate the manufacture, sale, possession, transfer, modification or use of firearms (Braga and David 14). Through the institution of these laws governments/Law enforcement agencies will be able to control and reduce incidences of gun related violence within the U.S The primary reason citizens should support stricter gun control laws is that it

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