The Debate Over The Creation Of The Universe

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The debate over the creation of the universe is one that has been argued for many years by philosophers, scientists and of course theists and atheists alike and yet it appears an agreement on the topic is quite far from reach. There are various arguments that attempt to explain the origin of the universe, yet to this day not a single one has been accepted as the absolute truth. That being said it is not expected that this debate will be resolved by the end of this paper, but rather the goal of this paper is to argue against one of the many arguments presented in defence of the proposed philosophical theory of intelligent design. The goal of this paper is to disprove Robin Collins’ proposed Likelihood Principle, also known as The Prime Principle of Conformation, as a defence for the Fine- Tuning Argument and more broadly the Theory of Intelligent Design. The argument for intelligent design has been muddled over for years by philosophers and as such three main arguments for intelligent design have been proposed. The first argument in favour of Intelligent Design being the Fine-Tuning argument which states that the universe is set up so perfectly for life to exist based on the precise union of various constants, laws and conditions that make it possible for intelligent life to exist and that even the slightest shift in these constants would result in a universe that could no longer sustain intelligent life. This phenomenon is referred to as the Goldilocks enigma, because of…
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