The Debate Over The Drinking Age

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Abstract This paper explores the debate over whether the drinking age should be lowered or raised in the United States. Multiple different sources are provided, each offering a different opinion. The article discusses the ethical, pathological, and emotional effects if the drinking age were to be lowered or raised. If the drinking age were to change, how would society react to this change and what would be the long term effects. Drinking has always caused negative effects, yet how would changing the age effect personal struggles. The sources describe different perspectives to each side, most wanting the age to lower, yet another source contradicts the debate on to lowering the age, and describes how the age works. The articles from Tracy (2008), Cloud (2014), and Engs (1998) all support the idea of lowering the age, yet Nagin (2012) opposes the idea of the lowering the age. All four sources and studies are essential to have a complete understanding of the topic. Drinking Age In America: The Ongoing Discussion Within Our Society Sometimes in life, in order to preserve something important, changes must be put into order for others safety or rights. The question of whether the drinking age should be lowered or raised has been debated for many years, but it seems that many are scared of change. If the drinking age were to be raised or lowered, would the United States see a decrease in binge drinking, physical abuse, or drunk driving. In addition to that,
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