The Debate Over The Future Of Education Essay

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The debate over the future of education in the United States rages on. The subject of education in the United States is an incredibly divisive one, and for good reason, due to the large and overreaching impacts education has on our society as a whole. Historically, the issue of education has been controversial in nature, one that begets passion, and prevents objective thinking from taking root. Past decisions remain heavily contested for their efficacy, and new ideas suffer the same fate. Even just looking at events occuring during our most recent presidency, it is possible to see the necessity of changes being made, and yet the resistance or opposition to the changes implemented remains strong. With the new direction our country is taken, no doubt the issue of education will soon again be at the forefront of the minds of the American public. Currently in the United States, the argument over education is centered around three major topics, how schools should be structured, the merits of a standardized education, and what is it important for people to know in this day and age. In truth, however, all of these questions can be boiled down to a simpler, more fundamental question: Who has the power to control what the next generation learns? One of the prime conflicts over the tropic of education in America in the recent years has been the school structure itself. Many conflicts abound from this at both the higher and lower institutional levels. Specifically, the most prevalent
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