The Debate Over The Gun Control

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One of the most debated and talked about issues going on today concerns gun control. There are many different aspects being brought up with concern to gun control. One of the biggest this past year especially here in Texas is the issue of allow-ing conceal carry on college campuses. College campuses are usually gun free zones, but with so many shootings happening on campuses some want to be allowed to carry. A lot of people are for infringing upon a person’s constitutional right to life and liberty and self-protection. They claim it will lead to more shootings. Starting in August, Texas will join seven other states in allowing hand guns on campus (Alford). The people that oppose conceal carry on campus believe this law will just open the door for more shootings on campus. Arguments against conceal carry on campus seem to hinge on that it is a different environment oppose to off campus (Welch). Clovis Community College president Becky Rowley has stated “the concern about a higher potential of an accident occurring due to jumpy students when feeling threatened” (Johnson). Additionally, some students will feel less safe knowing there is a chance someone in their class is carrying. If they feel unsafe and worried that any point someone may begin shooting, then they will not be able to concentrate on what they are actually there to do, get an education. This is very emotional topic; of where students are supposed to feel safe while getting and education, but the thought

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