The Debate Over The United States

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The United States does not provide healthcare to its citizens the way rest of the countries do. Instead of guaranteeing that all are covered, it works on a market-based system where those who are insured, receive their coverage as a condition of employment, whereas others must purchase individual policies or obtain coverage through Medicaid or private insurance companies, and not everyone would qualify to receive health care benefits. For decades, health care has been an issue for the country, especially for the people who are ill and cannot afford coverage. However, when Obama became president, he created a law that allows more opportunities for the population to receive health insurance without further complications or strict requirements that many private companies have. The law has remained a focus of heated political debate from the day it was suggested. The dispute surrounding the law creates pressure regarding whether the reform has been beneficial or a complete failure. Indeed, the one unifying aspect of all of the debate over the reform was the fact that everyone acknowledged that reform was needed, but as to what that alteration should be was the contentious part of the debate. Through extensive research, and despite common objections, it is clear that health care reform shows positive impacts based on the effects in certain states, the expansion of Medicaid, and its effectiveness today. In 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA),
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