The Debate Over World Supremacy

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Throughout modern eras impassioned deliberations have occurred in reference to the discussion topic expressed thoroughly via world supremacy, relating to the allowance of Low Socio-Economic Countries accommodating world sporting events. Issues debated during the argumentative essay include; Low Socio-Economic Countries correctly balancing economic status, hence the immense income increase obtained through the expansion and development of sporting arenas, thus accompanied via the exploit of economic sustainability. Hence developing the stadiums tourism rates improve dramatically, current and future statistics arise due to past occurrences. Whilst civilisations have the capacity to dismiss the expansion further causing communist violent…show more content…
“International visitors are expected to spend GBP $2.7 billion prior the Olympic Games, further resulting in a dramatic $1.4 billion increases towards economic output1. On the other hand already demoralised low-socio economic countries continuously struggle with unsociable violence beneath the rugged rust settled upon the damaging living environments. The Government approval of deforestation accompanied via delousing to build and create the infrastructure required to develop the major sporting arenas inevitably foundations the riots and communist violence. The Brazilian FIFA World Cup riots demonstrate unsociable violence, hence the land demoralization ultimately funded via tax. 2“On January 2014, Protesters clashed with Military in central São Paulo. 108 people were arrested by military police and a further 20 arrests2 were made by civil police, totalling 128 arrests before midnight”. Hosting World Sporting events singly handily withhold the ability to generate astounding economic income, however exceed to exploit economic sustainability.

The prestigious privilege of hosting international glorified sporting events is perceived extremely admirable by countries that yet withhold the luxury or economic sustainability to support expensive global sporting events. Thus the discussion topic of
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