The Debate about Legalizing Marijuana

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Marijuana is a hot, controversial topic often heard of in the media. Whether the anchors talk about a drug bust or the drug wars going on in Mexico, there is no doubt marijuana is in the mind of thousands of people. Some cultures use the plant in traditional practices. Smoking the plant was a popular thing in the sixties when hippies protested for peace, love, and being one with oneself. There are other instances where hemp is used in making cleaning products. Some people use the drug for medical purposes. Depending on the generation of people who bring up the topic their side on being for or against legalization is usually based on information handed down by someone else opposed to knowing facts. Unless a person has dealt with the subject at hand personally, one should not pass judgment. Being a marijuana user does not make anyone more of a bad person as going to church does not make anyone inherently more of a saint. Legalizing marijuana, a plant used for both medical and recreational purposes, can bring an abundant amount of positive attributes to benefit our country. There are some immediate social benefits associated with legalization. First, the government can regulate who buys marijuana as they already do with cigarettes and alcohol. It will reduce crime tremendously, because there will no longer be a need for it being smuggled illegally into the states, and drug dealers would be limited to selling it on the streets, with legalization, kids would be less
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