The Debate of Increasing Miniumum Wage

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For the last couple decades, the minimum wage has been on going topic that the economists and the policy makers has been debating on. Indeed, It is still an open issue and the policy makers still debating on increasing it. The first Country that passed the minimum wage policy was New Zealand in 1984, and a lot country followed. President Roosevelt passed the first minimum wage in 1938, the minimum wage was 0.25 when the Roosevelt passed, and it has been increased as the living expense went up. The minimum wage is measured on living expense and the economic growth. As today's living expense, The minimum wages should be increased. Minimum wage should be increased because Parents that don't have degrees are struggling providing their families. People that have not gotten degrees because they could not afford them or have had families early and do not have the time or resources to go to school can not get a job that pays over minimum wage, most of the time. For instance, the employees that work on minimum wage in California have to work 130 hours a week to afford two bedrooms, this is the reason that the government supports the low income families. Raising it would help these people afford to support their families on their own. Also the minimum wage is not keeping up with inflation making it harder and harder for people to afford things, which is affecting the economy even more because people are not buying, or they will buy cheap things that are made somewhere else, which
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