Essay The Debate over Same Sex Marriage

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The Debate over Same Sex Marriage

Legislation is deeply entrenched in language and the continual process of interpretation. Laws are created as a response to cultural and societal needs, wants and norms and are restructured and interpreted as these desires and standards change over time. The importance of the words chosen and the syntax used in order to translate society's standards into legislation are amplified over time because they are continuously deconstructed, examined, and analyzed. As these laws are applied to and challenged by society, policymakers must examine them and then change them through discourse and dialogue. As current sentiments towards marriage are changing and shifting, policymakers must begin to examine our
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In his 1996 speech against the Defense of Marriage Act, John Kerry chose to speak not only of the legal implications of the law but took the opportunity to step back from the politics of Washington DC and consider the human, embodied, and gendered effect of this law on our Nation. John Kerry, in 1996 and 2004, does not support a homosexual couple's right to marry yet he has spoken out against proposed legislation which is based on the denial of a right to someone who is a homosexual. In his speech, he criticizes the use of the word "defense" in the title of the act saying that if it was truly concerned with defending marriage it would, " provide for counseling," "guarantee day care," and "expand protection of abused children" among many other things (232). This, he argues, would be defending marriage against that which threatens it. In order to defend, one must first be put on the defensive by offensive and threatening actions and behaviors. Marriage is threatened by alcoholism, domestic violence, etc. but not by the fact that two people of the same gender love each other.
Unlike Bush and the conservative voice on the issue of same-sex marriage, Kerry, and other liberals, are not afraid of taking about the issue of gender and love when it comes to

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