The Debt Of Americ The Issue Of Debt And Economical Problems

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Everyone loves something free. Stores advertise for free deals to bring people in, and "free" seems to have a good connotation about it, but what does free exactly mean? Someone once said, "Free cheese is always available in mouse traps." Well, mice love cheese right, that 's obvious; but a mouse trap is used to kill the mice. The free cheese is used as bait to get the mice towards the stuff they love, but they end up having to pay for that cheese with their life. In other words, something is never free. Someone somewhere has to pay for that free thing, even if it doesn 't directly affect you. The “free thing” being referred to in this situation is welfare, or “free” handouts for the needy people. The price is the rise of debt and…show more content…
Instead of working and producing capital within America to be circulated as well as boost the economy, they have lessened the work force and also are helping to raise that American debt higher, as the government spends more money it doesn 't have. This leaves the American taxpayers and working force to pay for these welfare programs through their taxes. As the workforce produces their own living, taxes taken out are mixed within government money and used to support these government handouts (as well as other things).
The problems of the United States’s economy dictate many aspects of its success and relations, and debt within its declining economy attribute to two harmful cycles for the country to be in. The groups that can contribute to both the debt and the economical state are the welfare programs within the U. S. today. They both raise the debt by its overuse within the unemployed and poor within the country as well as take away from the economy by giving those on the welfare no incentive to go work and put currency back into the economy. This overuse of welfare programs is a steadily growing problem correlated with the rising U.S. debt, but it can be slowed down, or reversed by taking proper action of setting regulations and rules for those using these welfare programs, bettering the economy for both government and people.
Starting since a little after the Great Depression, those who needed the government handouts were granted them. But after so long,
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