The Decade Known as The Great Depression

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The decade known as the Great Depression was an era filled with both hardship and tribulation. Historians continue to debate the root causes of the collapse of the stock market which led the country into depression. Other deride the ineptitude of the Canadian government’s response to the crisis. At any rate, the “Dirty Thirties” was a period of time unlike any other. While those who suffered through it are largely gone, the memory of those dark days remains to this day.

Firstly, there are many factors that contributed to making the Great Depression start. Over-production and expansion was a problem because almost every industry was expanding in the 1920’s. Industries made products quickly that weren’t selling and in order to slow down
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All the ranks on the social class had dropped. The poor became poorer than the poor. Finding work was sporadic at best and it was impossible for men to pay for their homes which led to people having to move into their cars, piano boxes and anything they could possibly find shelter in. The Great Depression got farmers the worst as severe dust storms hit the prairies. Temperature raised immensely in 1936 making wind storms hotter and drier, and with no rain there was no crops. Western prairies became almost completely dependent on the export of wheat but grass hoppers and plant diseases cause the last few crops destroyed. Farmers had to sell their farms as debts raised because they couldn’t afford their families as the drought prolonged. The school boards had to decrease the number of teachers and increase the amount of students. Even marriage was effected, while Canada experienced the Great Depression, many couples refrained from marrying due to economic uncertainty and high unemployment. These causes of the Depression impacted the everyday Canadian.
Moreover, the Canadian government took many measures to pull Canada out of the Depression they tried, monthly relief rates, vouchers, governments money, relief camps, buying Canadian, make work projects and tariffs. Monthly relief rates were when people would have to go to a welfare office to prove that they were unemployed too get a certain amount of money
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