The Decameron Essay

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The Decameron BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI Born in 1313, Giovanni Boccaccio is one of the greatest figures in Italian Literature. He was born in Paris, France by a French woman who remains unknown, but on many occasion he speaks very highly of her. His father is an Italian; they are part of the middle class. As for their professional status, they were Merchants / Bankers. Although, Bocaccio was born out of wedlock, his father legitimized him and took him to his house, provided him with a family and a good education. In 1340 Boccaccio moved to Florence where he meets Petrarch in 1350, his mentor. He began study Greek and Roman Classics. During 1339 to 1351 he writes The Decameron one of the most noted and readable book in all…show more content…
They are merchants of grain with hired help who take their social power very seriously. Lorenzo, one of their lead workers who takes care of their business is the handsome young man that Ellisabetta falls heads over heels for. She and Lorenzo share the same compassion and love for one another and they ignore the social acceptance of their relationship. Unfortunately, Ellisabetta’s brothers are not in agreement with this love affair and are furious about the disgrace to their family. They are so disturbed about this relationship that they kill Lorenzo. This misfortune, in turn, creates a major change in their sister’s behavior causing her to be unhappy at all times and without any desire to do anything other than cry. Furthermore, one night Ellisabetta has a dream where Lorenzo appears and tells her that her brothers killed him and where they buried him. Ellisabetta, being so blindly in love, went out the next morning to confirm her dream. To her surprise she found Lorenzo’s dead body. Her first reaction was to take him along with her. Since, he was too heavy, she decided to take his head. This behavior reflects a girl’s first and only love that keeps her from forgetting that life goes on. Ellisabetta demonstrates without Lorenzo there is no meaning in life. She could only keep living with a part of him by putting his head in a pot. Ellisabetta buries it with dirt and plants basil over it. This plant becomes her savior or peace that keeps her alive. Her
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