The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

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In the book, The Decameron, by Giovanni Boccaccio, there is many tales but I am only going to speak of two.The first tale, Fabricio Goes to Naples, was told by Fiammetta. Fiammetta’s story differs from the rest of the stories by, his has many dangers that occur in one night rather than over a period of years. The second tale, Bernardo di Rossini and His Wife, was told by Dioneo. This story was different than the others by, it was a comedy story, showing to laugh over bad things than over virtuous deeds.

In, Fabricio Goes to Naples, a man from Perugia, by the name of Fabricio, sold horses. When Fabricio heard that Naples sold horses at a cheap price, he set out with a purse full of money and some merchants, hoping to receive a good deal. Sadly, he couldn't find a good deal. Even to show he meant business, he foolishly opened his purse to display all of his money. A sicilian lady saw how much money he had and thought, “Who would make better use of that money than me?”

The sicilian lady was with an older sicilian woman, whom knew Fabricio. When the older woman saw Fabricio she greeted him affectionately. Fabricio recognized the woman for she had lived with Fabricio’s father. When the two ladies got back home, the younger lady carefully questioned the older one about Fabricio, in order to find a way to get all of his money. By the time the lady felt she was informed well enough, she knew nearly everything about him, including his family. The younger lady then started to play
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