The Decay Of The Human Mentality

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In his poems, Eliot uses psychology to explore the decay of the human mindset in both physical and metaphysical circumstances. Poetry is a form of expression that allows the writer to discuss harsh or tender political and philosophical topics and to vent frustration without directly offending the general public. Eliot’s poetry is exemplifies his belief that the modern person is vulnerable and fragmented, “the poetry of grapples with the apparent absence of meaning in modern life; it exposes the personal and social fragmentation and disenchantment often masked by assumed conventions in behaviour, communication, and relationships” (O’Dwyer). His work also portrays human subjectivity in terms of judgment and emotion. Eliot is saddened as he watches people interact with one another; their behavior is often detached and nonchalant, “Sterility, meaninglessness, bleakness and brokenness, are the recurring images pervading Eliot 's modernist vision” (O’Dwyer), as if society as a whole is indifferent to it’s own circumstances. His poetry also highlights the split-persona that so many people tend to adopt and the difference between one’s public image versus their private image and how this affects their overall mindset. Eliot’s poetry is often difficult to decipher or to pinpoint certain themes within a work. Throughout his poems, Eliot strives to reach a higher understanding of “reality” and explores the various perspectives of different people, implying that each individual has
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