The Decay of Compact Discs

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The decay of compact discs 1. Introduction Throughout the past recent years, the technologic community has advanced at rapid rates, generating changes in all domains of life. As technology brought more innovation in the lives of the Americans, it often forced out outdated products and replaced them with newer and higher quality items. One product which seems to be headed down this path is represented by the once very popular compact disc. The current project sets out to assess its position within the modern day society and to see whether it could have a more successful future in a different global region. 2. The product and its target market The CD was first created by James Russell in 1965, but it did not attract major interest until Phillips came to manufacture it in the 1980s decade. The compact disc as such gradually transformed into the most popular means of storing computer data, such as music, pictures or other types of files (Bellis). Today nevertheless, its position within the market is becoming weaker as its popularity among the US consumers decreases. In 1997, there were a total of 62,236 stores in the associated industry category (451 Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores, NAICS code), a number which had decreased to 62,236 by 2002; by the latest census of 2007, the number of establishments in the industry had decreased to 57,415. At that point, sales of music (including CD, audio equipments and other such) represented less than 10 per cent of

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