The Deceiver: A Narrative Fiction

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Our story begins with 5 brave hikers, 3 men, 2 women, there names are Dave, Roger, Brodie, Jennifer and Jessica. This whole trip became possible when they all met up at a local coffee shop named piper’s local coffee shop. They went there after a good hard 3-hour session on rock climbing in athlete’s foot. They started talking about naming a cave that nobody has touched before. Seeming that were professional hikers we should make our way in and out. “It’s a done deal” says Brodie and Dave at the same time. Everybody’s mouths glow up with excitement. Around 3 and a half day’s later they all meet up at the rendezvous point right outside of the cave. They start to climb into the entrance, there is a narrow entrance, but Dave, Jessica and Brodie get through. Roger gets stuck and starts freaking out and hyperventilating, Jennifer crawls back around to help Roger get unstuck, “Slow down! Breath, look at me! Look at me! That’s better, remember to…show more content…
Jennifer looks down and her bone is sticking out of her left knee to her shin. Jennifer claims she can’t feel her leg but she can feel the pain. The crew decide to take one quarter of Jennifer’s body each, trying to go slow and steady through the cave they suddenly hear a strange noise. They all keep walking except for Dave, Dave takes a glance down the dark hole in the cave, in one split second Dave saw a large man like creature crawling up on the wall. He falls back with fear and claims that he saw a large man like figure in the mist of the cave. Dave falls back in fright while the rest of the crew turns around and Brodie says “come on we’ve got no time fro this”, Dave responds by saying “I saw a box and a man like creature in there.” Brodie starts to laugh “Man like creature, ppsshh” said Brodie the only thing that is happening is your mind playing games on you, now let’s
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