The Decemberists vs. Tom Waits: Music Analysis

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Band No. 1: The Decemberists/ Featured Song: Down by the Water Artist No. 2: Tom Waits/ Featured Song: Silent Night/ Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis When you are presented with a number of artists whom you've never listened to before and you are asked to pick a number or two to focus on, that's a tricky job. You tend to choose solely the artists that you think you might like because you have your expectations and ponder a lot on a decision only to go with something else afterwards. Such was the case with The Decemberists, this being the band I finally settled on. I got carried away at the beginning of the performance and missed the singer's announcement that the woman doing the back vocals was actually a guest. And I felt relieved to find that out as I pressed the button to watch the video again because it explained some of her reactions during the song. She seemed confused at times by the singer's movements back and forth and right at the beginning of the song and a few times afterwards she just appeared a little insecure. But overall, I thought their voices matched nicely (I do think she missed a note somewhere near the end, though) and that the whole performance was not too bad at all. I usually like gigs with a lot of instruments on stage, you never know what to expect of the song and this particular one was fused with harmonica which I paid no attention to until the singer started playing it. That was a nice surprise and it gave the song a folkish touch. I

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