The Decision, And Impact On Today 's Criminal Justice System

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Unit 2 DB 2 Case Law Introduction We are one of the luckiest nations, because we are a free nation, and we have sets of rules and laws that help keep our society in check and accountable for our crimes if found guilty by the court of law. We also have the US Supreme Court which helps up to maintain certain laws as well as to have these laws challenged by a higher court if there is probable cause if we think there was some form of violation to one of our Amendments rights (e.g., freedom of speech, Racial profiling). Not many countries or nations have this type of freedom. Therefore, we will take a look at one of the U.S. Supreme Court case (Gerald “Jerry” Gault) in regards to a juvenile right to consul. Then this learner will briefly discuss the case, the decision, and impact on today 's criminal justice system. After which, the discussion will state if source for this case is primary or secondary and what implications that may have for that case. Gerald “Jerry” Gault (case) Fifteen-year-old Gerald (Jerry) Gault, was arrested for a complaint that was made that he made a lewd telephone calls. After the court hearings that took place in front of a juvenile court judge, Gault was ordered to serve time at the State Industrial School where he would stay until he turned 21. The “appellants (parents) brought a habeas corpus action in the state courts to challenge the constitutionality of the Arizona Juvenile Code and the procedure actually used in Gault 's case, on the ground of
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