The Decision Between Quantitative And Qualitative Data

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One of the most important parts of establishing a research design involves the decision between quantitative and qualitative data. Each has its own strength and weaknesses that any successful research design must account for. Perhaps one of the easiest distinctions between the two rests in the sample size. While quantitative data normally involves a large n, or sample size, qualitative data involves a much smaller sample size in comparison. This smaller sample size allows qualitative researchers to focus more on each case, increasing the internal validity of the research, but limiting its external validity. Quantitative based research designs reverse this. The large sample size of quantitative data often makes it difficult for researches to establish causation among the independent and dependent variable(s). The external validly of such designs usually offsets this issue to some extent. Due to their large nature, and use of numerical data, quantitative research is much more replicable when compared to their qualitative counterparts. Unfortunately, the struggle between internal and external validity is a fundamental part of research. Even efforts to combine the two methods to form a ‘mixed methods research design’ ultimately fail to nullify the issue completely. Keeping this in mind, a quantitative analysis is the most logical given the specific research question and the data available.
This chapter seeks to prove that there is a statistically significant difference in…
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