The Decision For Admit Ms. Z

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The decision to admit Ms. Z to the hospital was made because she is experiencing shortness of breath that has not resolved with rest and one fainting spell. A benefit of admitting her to the hospital is that the provider team can assess if there are any serious problems going on, like heart failure. A risk to admitting her to the hospital is that she may not be able to afford her medical bill and being in the hospital may heighten her anxiety. I would follow through with the order to admit her to the hospital because the ST depression finding and clubbing of her nails may be indicative of heart failure. The benefit of “full code” status for Ms. Z is that anything will be done to get her heart started and lungs functioning. A risk of “full code” status is that it is automatic on her admission to the hospital and that may not be what she wishes. I would follow this order but would want to ask if she has a health care proxy to make decisions on her behalf if she becomes incapable of doing so. An order for continuous telemetry has been made to allow for constant monitoring of her vital signs. A benefit of this is that it allows the provider team to keep an eye on any changes or potentially fatal arrhythmias and respond quickly, and it is wireless so she will be able to get up and move around. A risk of continuous telemetry is that is can cause skin irritation and may heighten her anxiety by knowing it is tracking changes in her vital signs constantly. I would follow through

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