The Decision Making Of An Organization

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The Decision making Continuum- One of the manager’s most important jobs is to determine the outcome for a task. He has to decide on goals and provide assignments for employees to complete. However, it is just as important for the manager to be clear about how decisions related to these goals will be made. In leadership and management theory, decision making power can be examined using a visual model called the decision making continuum or the Tannenbaum and Schmidt continuum. This model shows how decisions can be made by the leader’s authority or democratically from subordinates. It is seen that as the team’s freedom in the decision making increases, the manager’s authority decreases. On a smaller scale and at a personal level, this can be divided into administrative and rational decision making. The former process involves “satisfycing” or simply using immediately available information to make a solution one deems reasonably acceptable. This is primarily used to make simpler decisions such as choosing an item at a fast food restaurant. The latter process involves gathering as much information as possible and using it to make the best decision. It generally involves larger decisions such as buying a motorcycle or choosing a spouse. It may also be a matter of perspective. For example, someone who is very health and budget conscious may make a rational decision even at a fast food restaurant, looking up calories, nutritional information, taste reviews and prices to make
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