The Decision Making Of The Ethical Behavior Model Essay

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The purpose of this study, was to create a position paper exploring and creating an ethical dilemma and similarly, to explore and present a decision making model used to work through the dilemma. The study found ways that can assist forensic counselors with this common issue that has prompted numerous legalities filed against them by their evaluees such as, identifying stakeholders and interpreting the situation through awareness and fact finding. Tarvydas’s integrative decision-making of the ethical behavior model can also be essential in solving ethical dilemmas because it incorporates the principle and virtue aspects of decision making approaches. There are four themes or attitudes of the integrative model. Initially, it could be helpful to interpret the situation through awareness and fact finding, consider the facts, responsibilities and rights of all stakeholders involved in the dilemma, formulate ethical decisions, select an action by weighing, competing non moral values, plan and execute the selected course of action and when in doubt forensic counselors can discuss the dilemma with their supervisors. According to my studies, the client’s rights, informed consent are providing clients with enough information about the counseling process to be able to make informed choices and educate clients about their rights and responsibilities. Confidentiality is essential, but not absolute. One exception is the information is made an issue in a court action.
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