The Decision Making Process At York College

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Part Two Decision making, as defined by Mintzberg, is “The process of developing a commitment to a course of action” (Dee & Bess, 2008,2012). The decision by York College to stop using their old data mining software was made about ten months ago, and the process for finding the new software began about six months ago. It is difficult to classify academic analytics as a strategic, tactical, or operational decision because it has elements of all three. Strategic applies as one of the primary goals is to improve student graduation rates and retention. It is a tactical decision because the software will be used to improve the product we are providing our students to better fit their needs. Finally, it is an operational decision because…show more content…
Currently, the college is in the stage of developing solutions. Of the different search methods available, the College is utilizing the trap search and the active search. Outside vendors have been brought in to demonstrate the services their products can provide. The focus of these products varies, but all share a feature that provides students with improved degree planners and student monitoring software. The similarities are outnumbered by their differences, however, which does include cost. The selection/analysis process is not being conducted by a committee, but is instead being conducted by the Associate Provost for Student Success. Since there is no committee, he is inviting representatives from all the affected departments to observe the demonstrations from the vendors and asking for feedback of on their opinions. This has created some tension among various groups on campus. The reason for this is that some of the software demonstrated could completely change resources that not all agree would be improved. When it has been determined that there are options that meet the needs of the college and its students, a screening process will occur with the chosen vendors returning to campus to discuss in more detail the implementation of their product, giving the college the needed information it needs to make a final decision. Even though the search is being led by one person, the authorization to purchase will ultimately have to be supported by the Provost,
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